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Welcome to DVClub!

Our charter is to provide local education and networking events for the semiconductor verification and design community in North America.  Founded by Eric Hennenhoefer in 2005, and now managed by Paradigm Works Engineers - Michael Hoyt, Jim Crocker, and Kelly Larson (Tesla).  DVClub regularly holds events across North America including - San Jose, Austin, Boston, Portland, Toronto, RTP, and Fort Collins.  If you are new to DVClub, please join DVClub or register for a specific event and follow us on Twitter for updates on upcoming events in your area!

DVClub Conference Schedule 2020

Feb 21 Toronto Aug 21 Silicon Valley Online
Apr 17 Austin Online Sept 25 Austin Online
May 15 Silicon Valley Online Nov 6 Silicon Valley Online
June 30 Austin/Ft Collins Online Dec 9 Austin Online
July 15 Boston/RTP Online    

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